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I combine design with a clear strategy to create the right position for your brand. Believing that the start of any process derives from a feeling, and with the right impression and marketing I can add value to you brand and make it stand out in the busy market. 


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Sanna is a true artist! She helped us developing a logo, business cards, the illustrated paw and lots of other marketing material for our new business and couldn’t have been happier with the result. We worked very close for a long time to get everything perfect and Sanna was always very quick in responding and didn’t stop until we were 100% happy. She surely has an eye for details and as a client, we always trusted her professional eye. We would highly recommend her to any business owner who wants to work with somebody who is committed, passionate about her work and delivers 100% perfect result. Thank you Sanna!

Anna & Malin, founders of Little LuWi



AW16 Campaign Images
del Rio LONDON


Graphic Identity

Stationary - Business Cards
Genova Property Group




Women Illustrations




My aim is to position brands who share my vision of creating sharp design concepts that ads value through details. What differentiates products today is factors such as quality, impression and to be relevant within the space you act.

I care about your choice of paper, printing qualities, fonts and colours, along with more functional aspects and smart design solutions. I also advice in marketing strategies that drives business through design. All the details that gives your brand a unique voice.  

For me, the size of your brand is not important. It's that we share the same mindset of how to become a part of peoples life.



There is a purpose to my existence. I understand how design and branding needs to become relevant in order to drive business. The start of any project for me is to explore the world around the business. How do competitors work? Where potential customers hang out, look like and act is relevant knowledge for me. It enables me to find new areas of communication. 

I am willing to take risks in order to find unexplored areas. But, always based on knowledge, not guesswork.